Do you Social?

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Linked In. Pinterest. Flickr. YouTube. Reddit. The list is really probably infinite. With so many ways to connect with your clients it's difficult to choose the ONE that will make the most impact. And every marketing expert will give you their own opinion (and of course I have my own). It's overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes just down right frustrating...considering there are changes almost daily!

Below is a screenshot from the dental practice I used to work for. When I started with the practice there were just over 400 likes and ZERO engagement - meaning no likes, no comments, no shares. Just some lack luster material that a "marketing company" was using to fill our page to say "Hey. We like to work on teeth. The end." B O R I N G! By running a few ads and upping the internal language used by staff we were able to get almost 50 more likes in just a few short months.
The screen shot above is a grand opening letter (designed by yours truly, of course) that we posted to my client's website. Knowing social helps you get those reactions, comments, and shares that help boost not only your Facebook presence, but your overall search engine rankings as well (SEO). It's all about engagement!

If you feel like a 1 ton elephant just sat on your chest, keep reading...

I've got news for you:


What does that mean exactly? It means that people are accessing the internet via their PHONE more than their desktop (or laptop) computers.

What does that have to do with social media? Through apps like Facebook and Twitter (among all the others), people are clicking on content and then liking, commenting, and sharing. One in Five page views in the US in 2012 occured on Facebook. I can't even begin to imagine what that stat looks like just two years later.

So how do you get those people to engage with you? That's where I come in. Hair Rebel can help you narrow down your social focus, and get those coveted clicks and increase your social prowess.